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Rummage Sale

Donate to our Annual Rummage Sale!

We accept donations from November – May during our open hours as well as on evenings and weekends by appointment.

What can you donate?

We accept pretty much anything you’d sell in a garage or yard sale in working, good used condition!
Tools, Decor, Antiques, Kitchen items, Working Appliances, Knick Knacks, Furniture, Collectibles, Artwork, Sports equipment,
Shoes, Purses, Coats & Jackets, and much more!

We can’t accept:

TVs and printers, car seats, cribs more than 10 years old unless decorative, furniture with tears in fabric or damage, broken Items, upright pianos, player pianos, undergarments, and heavily soiled items.

How to help:

As our Rummage Sale grows each year, it takes an increasing amount of volunteer power to get items sorted and ready for the sale.  You can help us by:

  • Only donating items in good, working condition.
  • Secure items that have multiple parts/pieces so that they stay together.  Hint: blue painters tape or rubber bands work well and do not damage most items
  • Is an item obscure or uncommon? Label the item for easy identification.
  • Donating furniture? Please donate early, as much of our furniture pieces must be sold online in advance of the sale.

Watch for dates for our next sale, June 2024



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